A chat about responsive design

  • Tumblrer: Is Courier optimized for different devices.
  • Me: Yes! In fact the entire design is "responsive."
  • Tumblrer: What do you mean by responsive?
  • Me: By responsive I mean the design and content adheres to a fluid grid that expands and contracts to the specific width of each user's viewport.
  • Tumblrer: But what about really small screens – like an iPhone – won't the layout be really cramped?
  • Me: I have augmented the fluid grid with media queries that rearrange the content at specific breakpoints; all while maintaining the fluid grid. So the content and layout are optimized for mobile screens, tablets (like the iPad or Galaxy) and all sorts of monitor widths.
  • Tumblrer: That's fantastic! But what about Internet Explorer?
  • Me: Since IE doesn't support media queries I am using adapt.js to accomplish the same tasks with JavaScript.